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Heat Cushion

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Heatable grape seed cushion with lavender scent. Handmade.

Upper material: 90% cotton and 10% polyester

Filling: grape seeds and lavender


Grape seed heat cushion with lavender scent

Fits perfectly into the pouch of the Wunschkissen

Filled with grape seeds

Can be heated in the microwave or oven

Can provide warmth for cold hands or feet

Can help you fall asleep

Has a calming effect thanks to the lavender scent

Also comforting for fatigued eyes


Heating in the microwave:

Max. 60 sec. at 300-400 watts
Max. 40 sec. at 400-600 watts

Heating in the oven:

Max. 10 min. at 80 °C


Outer material: 90% cotton and 10% polyester
Filling: Grape seeds and lavender


Note: The lavender scent may fade over time.

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