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The cups

What is BellaBambi®?

BellaBambi® is a vacuum cup for fascial care and is used in beauty and wellness as well as in sports and therapy.

The BellaBambi® suction cups are made of biocompatible, dermatologically harmless
Silicone. They are just as suitable for professional use in the studio or practice as for self-use at home, in the office or on the go.

The modern massage aid BellaBambi® is available in four intensities and three sizes and is made exclusively in Germany.

What can I use BellaBambi® for?

BellaBambi® is suitable for a wide range of applications in the areas of beauty, wellness and sport. Applications for the care of connective tissue and skin tightening are popular. For personal fitness, the cup is used before or after sport on particularly stressed structures. For relaxation, BellaBambi® can also be integrated into breathing exercises, yoga or fantasy journeys.
You will find many suggestions and exercise instructions in these books and in our web seminars .

Why cupping with BellaBambi®?

Cupping can help:

  • Stimulate microcirculation, lymph flow and blood circulation
  • To create more space in the fabric
  • Improving tissue suppleness, breaking down adhesions and relieving muscle soreness
  • Feeling fitter and more agile, improving posture
  • To harmonize and relax body and mind
  • Lift mood, reduce stress
  • Finding a harmonious balance and sleeping better (again)
  • increase regeneration and focus
  • To increase self-awareness and stimulate self-healing powers
  • Relieve tension, compensate for muscular and fascial imbalances
  • Provide relief and avoid inflammation
  • Breathe deeper, relax your chest and cough more easily
  • to relieve headaches or other ailments
  • break down metabolic waste products
  • To promote a smooth complexion, to look vital and youthful
  • Improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles
  • to care for scars and to restore mobility in the surrounding tissue
What do the different colors of the BellaBambi® cups mean?

BellaBambi® is available in four intensities. There are two colors to choose from per intensity:

SENSITIVE: white, lemon yellow
REGULAR: orange, blackberry
ACTIVE: pink, signal blue
INTENSE: ruby ​​red, midnight blue

So within the intensities you can choose the color you like best!

More on sizes and intensities

Why are there different intensities?

On the one hand, the skin on your own body is very different in places, from robust to very sensitive.

On the other hand, depending on the area and purpose of the cups, other intensities are required. Gentle beauty applications can be made possible with BellaBambi® SENSITIVE. Applications in which stronger effects on the tissue are to be achieved, as is the case in sports and physiotherapy, are better advised with INTENSE. The intensities REGULAR and ACTIVE offer universal possibilities.

In addition, depending on the location of the cups on the body and the individual nature of the tissue , the tensile forces are felt to be stronger or weaker.

We recommend a trio set with three different intensities for a wide range of applications from head to toe.

More on sizes and intensities

What cup sizes are there?

BellaBambi® mini: Ø 2 cm
BellaBambi® original: Ø 3.5 cm
BellaBambi® maxi: Ø 4.7 cm
(inner diameter)

More on sizes and intensities

Why BellaBambi® Cups?
  • Unique peeling edge: cares for the skin, enhances the massage effect
  • Skin-friendly, odorless, dermatologically harmless silicone
  • Made in Germany
  • Gentle on the user's hands
  • Easy to use
  • Diverse application possibilities, especially through the combination of different BellaBambi® cup sizes and intensities
  • Different intensities and sizes, for individually adaptable applications
  • Due to the flexibility of the cups, bony structures, joints and body curves can also be treated excellently
  • Due to the high suction power and the malleable material, the cups stay on the body even when the corresponding part of the body is moved
  • 3in1: tension, compression and shear
  • Ideal for on the go, robust and unbreakable
  • Easy cleaning in the dishwasher
Is BellaBambi® skin-friendly?

BellaBambi® is made exclusively in Germany and from biocompatible silicone. In more than ten years there have been no reports of possible skin irritations caused by the material.

What does biocompatible mean?

Biocompatible materials have no negative impact on living beings.

So there is no material interaction. For, among other
The status “biocompatibility” is required for implants.

Does BellaBambi® contain plasticizers?

No. Due to the unique properties of the silicone from BellaBambi®, no addition of plasticizers or other volatile organic substances (volatile organic components, VOC) is necessary.

Where can I find an instruction manual?

Instructions for use are included with each of our BellaBambi® products. They are also linked on most product pages in the online shop

The Applications

How long can and may I use BellaBambi®?

You can probably use BellaBambi® your whole life because it is virtually indestructible.

A single application with BellaBambi® should initially not take longer than 20 seconds on the spot (placement). Then check your skin and your well-being and slowly approach longer periods of use.

Note that bruises can appear after just a few minutes if you leave BellaBambi® in place and do not move it over the skin. Always check your own well-being or the well-being of the person you are using BellaBambi® on.

What should be considered before and after the application?
  • Drink enough still water
  • Eat light meals
  • rest
  • Pay attention to a comfortable intensity and allow yourself several repetitions with a break of a few days; it does not apply: "a lot helps a lot"
With which massage oil can I use BellaBambi®?

The BellaBambi® cupping oil specially developed for cupping is the perfect accompaniment to the vacuum cups: It smells slightly of lavender and impresses with a unique composition of biological ingredients that allow the cup to glide particularly smoothly over the skin.

However, BellaBambi® is also compatible with other oils. So far we are not aware of any oils where we would advise against using BellaBambi®.

What should I do if cupping marks appear?

The negative pressure and the associated tensile and shearing forces under the cup can cause cupping marks. These are harmless to health.

In this case, however, the intensity should be reduced or the cup should be left in one place for less time. Several short repetitions instead of one long application are then advisable.

Where and when should BellaBambi® not be used?

These parts of the body must not be treated :

  • lymph nodes
  • glands
  • nipples
  • genital area and anus
  • eyes(lids) and ears
  • lips and oral cavity

In these cases , consultation with a doctor is required before use:

  • pregnancy
  • inflammation
  • varicose veins
  • tendency to bruise
  • ulcers
  • Irritable skin diseases such as psoriasis or hives
  • Therapy with blood-thinning drugs
  • tumors
  • Sudeck's disease (CRPS)
  • Unclear or acute illnesses

You must not use BellaBambi® under these circumstances :

  • on open wounds
  • complete ligament tear
  • hamstring tear
  • muscle bundle tear
  • acute injuries / bleeding
What to do if using BellaBambi® is uncomfortable?
  1. Possibility: Reduce the suction power of the cup by squeezing it less hard or by using a lower setting on the control dial (BellaBambi® multi)
  2. Possibility: Use of gliding skin care products, especially if BellaBambi® is to be moved over the skin.
  3. Possibility: Choose a softer cup intensity.
Can I treat cellulite with BellaBambi®?

Yes, we follow the reasoning of Ilkay Zihni Chirali (cupping therapy in Chinese medicine. Munich: Urban & Fischer Verlag. 2008), who “[can] almost guarantee that after a three-month cupping treatment there will be “satisfactory” results “. (p. 167) By "cupping treatment" the author means the "light cupping massage". Although he describes the cupping method, he classifies the "light cupping head massage" as a "safe cupping method". (Ibid. p. 73) Chirali recommends generously oiling the skin, a 10-minute massage on each side and moving the applications towards the groin, because this improves the fat metabolism.

Chirali recommends a combination of 30-50 minutes of daily walking, a fluid intake of 2.5 liters per day (water, tea) and a reduction in salt consumption because salt promotes water absorption in the cell.

Due to the combination of negative pressure and pressure, the kneading roll massage can also be compared to BellaBambi®:

Can I also use BellaBambi® on children?

In principle yes, but we advise you to be particularly sensitive. Experience has shown that gentle application from the 6th week is pleasant. Soft BellaBambi® (intensity: SENSITIVE) should also be used for older children, because their skin can still be very sensitive.

It is advisable to dose the applications gently, to use a sufficient amount of oil and to cup with BellaBambi® mini SENSITIVE. Also: Be attentive and take the child's signals seriously! If it shows signs of discomfort, the application should not be continued. After the application, a final massage with the hands is extremely beneficial.

What should be considered for older people?

It is not uncommon for the skin to be dehydrated and the subcutaneous tissue to be less padded with fat. That is why we recommend BellaBambi® SENSITIVE for seniors and older people. Alternatively, REGULAR can also be used and squeezed more weakly.

It is always important to pay attention to your own condition or that of the person being treated.

Why doesn't BellaBambi® stick to my skin?

These are the most common causes:

  • The opening of the BellaBambi® must touch your skin completely. Especially on joints or round parts of the body, make sure that the cup is completely on. The easiest way to do this is with BellaBambi® mini.
  • You may have to squeeze BellaBambi® a little harder before placing it on the skin and releasing it.
  • If you have a lot of body hair, a massage oil will help to improve adhesion. If that doesn't help either, you can't avoid shaving...
Are there courses with BellaBambi®?

Naturally! You can find our course overview here .

How is BellaBambi® cleaned and disinfected?

BellaBambi® can be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand with standard washing-up liquid or soap.

All aldehyde-free disinfectants can be used on the cups. We recommend Desomed Rapid AF.

The cups are temperature stable up to 200 °C, so that they can also be steam sterilized.

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The company

Is BellaBambi® interested in research on fascia?

Yes. Our entire approach is based on linking new findings from fascial research with the experience of traditional medicine. We support the Foundation for fascia rearch and the association Cupping.Rocks eV , both of which deal with research into fascia and in particular the effects of cupping. We maintain a large network that is happy to share its knowledge and thus constantly improves our method.

Why is BellaBambi® more expensive than other silicone cups?

BellaBambi® is manufactured exclusively in Germany in compliance with the highest quality standards. As a result, BellaBambi® is not only dimensionally stable and color stable, but also odorless. The material used is biocompatible and dermatologically harmless.

BellaBambi® is a sustainable product because it is extremely resistant and durable.

Bamberger Wellness GmbH is also involved in research and development and attaches great importance to local partners in the supply chain - also for ecological reasons.

Can I also ask the BellaBambi® team a personal question?

Of course. Write us an email to or call +49 9073 996 804 0

How can I share my enthusiasm for BellaBambi® with others?

If you would like to learn how to use BellaBambi® professionally, please contact one of our training partners .

Would you like to become a training partner yourself and offer courses or workshops with BellaBambi®? Then feel free to contact us directly.

If you would like to receive a commission for your recommendations, simply register for our affiliate program .

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