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Cupping for Kids - Kniebuch

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Exciting stories – for relaxing moments by Melanie Gerstmayr

Children's book (approx. 31 x 42 cm) designed to be read aloud and massage at the same time. Language: German.

Five fantastic stories with charming illustrations on large picture cards guide you into a world full of colourful adventures. Step-by-step instructions lead into the world of cupping and teach how this method of massage and relaxation can be applied to children.


On a fantastic journey with the wish cup

Children love to run around, to play exuberantly, to be active. But they also enjoy moments of peace and relaxation. With Cupping for Kids - exciting stories for relaxing moments, you will receive valuable tips on how to make these moments even more intense and effective for you and your child. Perfect for home, kindergarten, day care centre or even elementary school! 

Relaxation can be this exciting

This display offers:

  • Information about cupping: preparation, application on children, use and techniques
  • Detailed instructions for cupping massages with children
  • Five exciting stories for relaxation
  • External stimulation and inner sensation merge into a joint experience through the combination of cupping and story
  • Large picture cards with great play activities such as quizzes, colouring pictures, games and fun
  • Decorative element thanks to lovely illustrations of colourful fantasy worlds
  • Suitable for use in day-care centres and other child-care facilities
  • Suitable for use in play and activity groups, and as a post-activity relaxation session

Delve into wondrous worlds:

  • Discover dreamy adventures with LITTLE FEATHER
  • Soar above clouds with BUNNY AND SHEEP
  • Travel through time with DOKUS THE DINOSAUR
  • Be enchanted by FILLY THE FAIRY
  • Dive in with OLLI THE OCTOPUS

Advantages of the book display (approx. 31x42 cm):

  • Sturdy base
    This allows the display to be used in any location.
  • Convenient format
    This ensures that the pages are always visible and your hands remain free for the massage.
  • Versatile usage
    With some practice, you can massage two children at the same time reading to them. Or you can massage one child at a time while the remaining children listen.
  • Decorative element
    Endearing illustrations turn the display into a real eye-catcher anytime and anywhere, inviting you to relax on a regular basis.
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