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Color: grey

Multifunctional cushion incl. application booklet.

Cosy, soft and handmade. Ideal as a small nursing pillow, support pillow, foot warmer, travelling companion and much more.


A friend and companion for all situations: the Wunschkissen (wish cushion)!

Handmade and super cosy, for relaxing, cuddling, dreaming, comforting, playing and warming. Melanie Gerstmayr, one of our closest cupping friends, has developed the ideal companion for our BellaBambi® cups: The Wunschkissen in the BellaBambi® look!

Thanks to its intelligent design, the cushion can change its shape and function, making it a versatile helper for many different purposes:

Support cushion for mother and child: Best support in every situation!

Training the haptics of small children: The different surface textures invite to discover

Cuddly and cosy cushion for babies and children

Hand puppet: The hero in children's theatre!

Relaxation or seat cushion: can also be used as a flat cushion thanks to the invertible cut

Travel cushion: Use the practical pouch on the back of the Wunschkissen

Foot warmer: for chilly days or people with cold feet!

Heat cushion: Put a hot-water bottle or similar in the Wunschkissen and warm your belly

Irina Irvin sews every Wunschkissen by hand. Quality made in Germany!

100% polyester, Made in Germany

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