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The exercise program to counter CMD, the true cause of teeth grinding, headaches, neck tension, tinnitus and co. by Dr. Torsten Pfitzer

Publisher: riva, paperback, 176 pages, language: German.

ISBN: 978-3-7423-0481-0


Publisher's description

Many people suffer from unexplained headaches, facial pain, or recurring neck stiffness. They may experience discomforting ringing in their ears or grind their teeth at night. Such mysterious pain and noises are often caused by craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD). The pain specialist, osteopath and alternative practitioner Dr. Torsten Pfitzer explains the correlation of CMD with its numerous symptoms in a comprehensive way. With simple self-tests, everyone can examine whether he is affected by CMD. With over 60 exercises specially tailored to the CMD symptom complex, it is possible not only to relax hardened muscles, especially the masticatory muscles, but also to release joint blockages and regulate nerves. The expert interview of a holistic dentist provides valuable additions to treatment options for CMD. This fully illustrated guide will help anyone who suffers from inexplicable pain symptoms around the jaw and wants to return to a pain-free life.


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