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Resistance level

The original in optimum training length

Handy and versatile, the TheraBand exercise band is the smallest gym in the world. The flat latex band has been a popular training tool for strength and endurance training in sports medicine, therapy, elite and popular sports for many years.

Length: 2.50 m, material: natural latex, resistance level: extra strong/blue; incl. zip bag for storage


The special feature of the TheraBand exercise band is the principle of progressive resistance: The further the length of the band is stretched, the more force the user has to exert. In contrast to other exercise bands, this increase in strength is almost linear due to the particularly high-quality material and excellent workmanship. The resistance that has to be overcome during training in the individual exercises therefore increases very evenly with the TheraBand exercise band, thus ensuring optimum training conditions.

Thanks to the practical zip bag, it is safely stowed away, protected from UV light and can be taken anywhere. Suitable for the young and old and all fitness levels, it can be used flexibly for isolated or cross-muscle training.

• the original from the traditional brand TheraBand

for moderate muscle training for the whole body

ideal training length of 2.50 m

material: 100 % natural latex

incl. practical zip bag ( size: 17 x 6 cm)

incl. 32-page exercise guide "Fit with the exercise band"

Available resistance levels

low/yellow: seniors, children

medium/red: untrained women, teenagers

strong/green: women, trained teenagers, untrained men

extra strong/blue: well-trained women, men

special strong/black: well-trained men, very well-trained women

Resistance at 100% extension

• low/yellow: 1.3 kg

• medium/red: 1.8 kg

• strong/green: 2.3 kg

• extra strong/blue: 3.2 kg

• special strong/black: 4.4 kg

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