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Die funktionelle Selbsttherapie für mehr Mobilität von Nici Mende und Veronika Pfeffer

Meyer & Meyer Sport Verlag, 256 Seiten, 217 Fotos , 45 Abbildungen und 1 Tabelle

ISBN: 978-3-8403-7658-0


Publisher's description: 

Did you know that movement pain is often the result of incorrect loading? Wear-promoting processes that affect both older and younger people lead to painful restrictions of movement. You can do a lot about it – daily and almost by the by! Move painlessly and benefit from our experience as trainers and coaches in the fitness and health sector! 

In our book, you will find practical and functional solutions:

• Promote your basic understanding of the muscle, fascia and nervous system

• Combat pain in your neck, shoulder, back and hip area

• Train your body's teamwork with our illustrated exercise catalogue


p. 213: Progression

--- BellaBambi® neither claims ownership of the above-mentioned fields of application nor claims their therapeutic efficacy.

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