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Rücken - schmerzfrei in 30 Tagen

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With over 100 exercises for acute and chronic complaints by Gabriele Kiesling.

Publisher: riva, paperback, 208 pages, language: German.

ISBN: 978-3-7423-1972-2


Publisher's description

Gabriele Kiesling is a physiotherapist with her own practice and Managing Director of the German Institute for Quality in Physiotherapy. She regularly publishes in patient journals and specialist magazines and holds training courses for doctors and physiotherapists. She has been involved in fascia therapy for many years and is a member of the Fascia Research Group at the University of Munich. She is the author of the successful series Physiotherapie für zu Hause, which already includes several volumes.

Germany has back pain! Increased by non-ergonomic workspaces in the home office and a lack of exercise during lockdown, postural defects, slipped discs, vertebral blockages and other back problems have continued to increase in 2021. Almost every third adult now complains of frequent or constant back pain. Quick self-help for acute and chronic conditions is therefore essential! With the easy-to-implement 30-day programme from physiotherapist Gabriele Kiesling, those affected can treat their symptoms themselves and strengthen their back in the long term. Firstly, they learn to recognise the underlying problems in order to optimise their habits and everyday movements. Secondly, they receive simple exercise units for each day, which they can use to free themselves step by step from the pain trap. From first aid measures for when you can barely get out of bed, to relieving postures and mobilisation, stretching and strengthening exercises - the holistic treatment guarantees a flexible, pain-free and healthy body.


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