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Richelli´s Fascial Quadrant System

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Richelli's Fascial Quadrant System, a practical guide to eliminate diagnostic errors and make symptoms easier to understand and interpret.

By Stefan Richelli.

148 pages, size: 30,5 x 21,5 cm, 1.225 g, language: German.

ISBN: 97884-09-39964-2


Author's description

Richelli's Fascial Quadrant System

Richelli's Fascial Quadrant System, a practical guide to eliminate diagnostic errors and make symptoms easier to understand and interpret.

Everything you ever wanted to know.

Fascia surrounds and connects everything. Any change to it affects the whole body. RFQS offers a 20-year contrasted assessment and reassessment method that provides an in-depth understanding of how the myofascial system works and changes. You can learn how it impacts the body's injuries, regardless of pathology. The result? More precise treatment that focuses on the body, which needs to be in balance.


We rarely have the time we would like for a diagnosis. Either because of the number of patients we must treat or because the patient themselves demand that we "get to work" as soon as they arrive at the clinic. But what if you could rely on a proven method that streamlines this process?

In Richelli's Fascial Quadrant System you will find the roadmap to explore, treat and re-explore any type of musculoskeletal pathology. You will control times, you will maximize results and you will have the necessary arguments to explain to your patient the reason for each action. Isn't that what every professional is looking for?

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Why beat around the bush? Richelli's Fascial Quadrant System is a schematic and concise book with illustrations and 3D images to help you understand everything visually. Scan the QR code at the bottom of each illustration and observe each fascial quadrant as if you were examining your patient right in front of you.

What does Richelli's Fascial Quadrant System have to offer?

  • Receive book updates for a lifetime
  • Gain access to a community of professionals who interact with each and share knowledge and expertise
  • Obtain additional material continuously: videos, scientific articles, webinars and other content related to the book
  • Your presence on the TMI world map: You can test yourself to earn a certification as an expert in RFQS and list your workplace in a directory to make it easier to request your services

The importance of the basics.

Richelli's Fascial Quadrant System is the foundation for the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical changes. Its knowledge is applicable to all physiotherapeutic, medical and physical movement therapies, at the level of both prevention and treatment.


BellaBambi® neither takes ownership of the above-mentioned fields of application nor claims their therapeutic efficacy.

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