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Physiotherapie Hausapotheke

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Over 100 effective measures and exercises to treat pain and discomfort - with a quickfinder for self-diagnosis by Gabriele Kiesling

Publisher: riva, paperback, 224 pages, language: German.

ISBN: 978-3-7423-1622-6


Publisher's description

Did you know that physiotherapy means nothing more than "treating with natural means"? An astonishing number of problems can be solved wonderfully at home with physiotherapeutic self-help. However, this requires well-founded expertise in order to make the right decision about the appropriate treatment.

Following on from her successful books Physiotherapie für zu Hause and Schmerzfrei durch Cupping, renowned physiotherapy expert Gabriele Kiesling has produced another practice-orientated book on self-treatment. Here she presents the whole range of physiotherapy measures that can be used to treat all kinds of ailments yourself: from home remedies and cold applications to massages, acupressure and physical exercises. A quick finder helps to determine pain, make a diagnosis and take the appropriate measures - blockages, but also chronic complaints such as back pain, can be effectively alleviated.


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