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Gesund durch Schröpfen

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Fundamentals and practical application. With a foreword by Prof. Prof. h.c. Matthias Kunth

By Dr Wolf Gerhard Frenkel, Dr med. U. Pecs Zoltan Molnar, Georg Bamberger

144 pages, 107 illustrations, 13 tables, 2nd edition, language: German.

Naturopathy is in tune with the times and is in demand like never before. Cupping therapy - a healing method that has been tried and tested for thousands of years - is experiencing a revival. The latest technical developments now also make cupping possible for the home user. Simultaneously, it is being used by professional therapists in a wide range of applications.

ISBN: 978-3-7945-3085-4


Publisher's description

Secure: everything you need to know before use

Initiative: provides help for self-help

Holistic: significantly influences physical well-being

The 2nd edition presents the latest innovations in cupping therapy, such as the new vacuum massage with silicone. The book remains true to its proven structure: the theoretical principles and possible applications are clearly organised according to organ systems. The core areas of application are muscular tension, arthrosis, acute bronchitis, headaches and digestive disorders. However, the effects of cupping are also used in sports medicine and for cosmetic purposes.

The team of authors, consisting of experienced practitioners, presents their well-founded and up-to-date knowledge in an accessible way for therapists and laypeople alike: 

• How does cupping work?

• What cupping techniques do exist?

• For which clinical pictures can the cupping technique be used?

• Which contraindications should be observed? 

"Healthy through Cupping" – a comprehensive compendium and a helpful therapy guide. 


BellaBambi® neither takes ownership of the above-mentioned fields of application nor claims their therapeutic efficacy.

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