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Faszien. Tuning.

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Firm, supple and powerful from head to toe by Heike Oellerich and Miriam Wessels

Publisher: GU, 64 pages, 30 videos to stream, language: German.

Discover the most important basics from the trend sport for healthy flexibility and performance. Extensive practical section: the best exercises for pain-free mobility, more vigour and vitality in sport and everyday life. Detailed step-by-step instructions and motivating photos for maximum training effect. Access code to free exercise videos included in the book - for unlimited fitness anywhere and anytime.

ISBN: 978-3-8338-6019-5


Publisher's description

Fascia as the megatrend: For the first time in compact form, for a target group in the digital age and with online exercise videos

Fascia? Fascinating! The connective tissue bodysuit is partly responsible for our quality of life, keeps body and mind healthy and makes us flexible! Targeted training can alleviate pain, prevent injuries and ensure that everyone feels fit and energetic. It supports personal (movement) freedom - and with a little fine-tuning through three effective workouts, everyone can get the most out of it!
The training works with your own body weight, but you can also use balls etc. as aids. And best of all: each exercise is also available as a video for free streaming - the access code can be found in the book.

Heike Oellerich has many years of experience as a trainer in the field of health sports. She works as a lecturer in further education for trainers and as a DTB instructor for FASZIO® course leaders, among others. Together with Miriam Wessels, she develops new movement concepts and, as a freelance author, particularly enjoys writing about topics such as yoga, pelvic floor training and fascia.
Miriam Wessels was already interested in holistic forms of movement and therapy during her sports studies. She is an alternative practitioner and trainer for yoga teachers and therapists. She works as a fascia therapist in her own practice in Hamburg. Together with Heike Oellerich, she offers training courses for trainers, therapists, alternative practitioners and doctors under the FASZIO® brand.



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