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Younger, more beautiful, more flexible by Heike Oellerich and Miriam Wessels

Publisher: blv, 128 pages, numerous colour illustrations and illustrated exercises, language: German.

Targeted training for the supporting and connective tissue. This book shows versatile exercises that take into account the diversity of fascial tissue - according to the latest medical research. Supple fascia acts like a fountain of youth both internally and externally. Start your natural anti-aging program here!

ISBN: 978-3-8354-1574-4


Publisher's description

Fascia: the tissue network that holds the body together and gives it structure. The vital interaction of fascia with bones, muscles, tendons and metabolism. Targeted training of the fascia: optimising suppleness and precision of movement, toning the figure, increasing strength and speed.

Fascia separates and connects everything in the body. They permeate and envelop every cell, every muscle and every organ. Depending on the requirements, they become connective tissue, ligaments or tendons, for example. They keep us upright and everything in its place, enable our movements and prevent injuries. Fascia is part of our metabolism and immune system. As different as its properties are, it can be trained in many different ways. Faszien-Training (BLV Buchverlag) shows the relevant exercises - based on the latest research.

Sports experts Heike Oellerich and Miriam Wessels will introduce you to the fascinating world of the fascia: composition and structures of the intricate tissue network as well as its functions and interaction between muscles and fascia: The composition and structures of the delicate tissue network are covered, as are its functions and the interaction between the muscles and fasciae. The authors also point out important meridians and acupuncture points. Supple fasciae act like a fountain of youth both internally and externally. If you know how fascia works and how to look after it properly, you can prevent pain with targeted training and start your own natural anti-aging program. Heike Oellerich and Miriam Wessels guide their readers to success with five exercise strategies: energising, stretching, functional mobility, releasing techniques and self-awareness.

Miriam Wessels discovered her passion for holistic forms of movement in general and yoga in particular during her classical sports studies. She is a non-medical practitioner, instructor for back training, yoga teacher trainer and therapist for children, young people and adults, specialising in Kundalini Yoga.

Heike Oellerich has many years of experience as a trainer in the field of health sports. She works as a lecturer in further education for trainers and as a DTB trainer for pelvic floor instructors. As a freelance author, she writes in particular on topics such as yoga, pelvic floor training, sport during and after pregnancy and develops new movement concepts such as " belly yoga" and "Carpeting".

Both authors are trained fascia trainers.


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