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Faszien in Bewegung

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Bedeutung der Faszien in Training und Alltag von Gunda Slomka mit Unterstützung von Dr. Robert Schleip und Prof. Jürgen Freiwald

Meyer & Meyer Sport Verlag, 288 Seiten, mit zahlreichen farbig bebilderten Übungen, 4. Auflage

Das Buch gibt zunächst einen Einblick in die Entstehung, Physiologie und Anatomie des Bindegewebes und anschließend folgt ein Konzept für die Trainingspraxis. Zahlreiche Übungen für den Fitness-, Gesundheits- und Leistungssport werden vorgestellt und bieten Trainern und Therapeuten konkrete Hilfestellungen für das Training.

ISBN: 978-3-89899-848-2




Publisher's description: 

Fascia – where does it come from, why do we need it, and what is in it? In "Fascia in Movement", Gunda Slomka, with the support of Dr Robert Schleip and Prof. Jürgen Freiwald, describes the importance and benefits of muscular connective tissue for training and everyday life.

New research shows that the network of fasciae in the body fulfils a variety of tasks: fasciae play a role in muscular power transmission, body perception and many types of soft tissue pain. From the point of view of sports medicine, fasciae are already closely linked to the terms mobility, elasticity and energy efficiency. Fascia on the move is aimed at athletes from the worlds of fitness, health and competitive sports.

First, the reader receives the necessary basic knowledge for the subsequent training practice. The significance, origin, anatomy and physiology of the fasciae are explained. On the basis of numerous illustrated exercises and further explanations, the author then presents her concept of movement. In addition to training tips, she gives general recommendations and also discusses gender-specific differences and the influence of age on fascia training. 

About the author

As a biologist, sports scientist and sports therapist in the field of orthopaedics and rheumatology (DVGS), Gunda Slomka is active today as an international speaker, trainer and presenter. Her knowledge from over 20 years of teaching practice and diverse training and further education courses, in the fields of training science and therapy, make her an expert in the areas of strength and flexibility training. Gunda develops preventive training concepts with therapeutic requirements. Always following the idea of making the body resilient and symptom-free and going through life with a correspondingly high physical quality of life. Gunda writes specialist books, produces training DVDs and supports ROBINSON Events as an expert, consultant and freelancer.


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