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Vital, elastisch, dynamisch in Alltag und Sport von Dr. Robert Schleip. Mit Johanna Bayer.

riva-Verlag, 224 Seiten, mit vielen Farbfotos

Wie sich neues Wissen über die Faszien aus Physiotherapie, Sportwissenschaft und Medizin in ein praktisches Übungsprogramm für den Alltag umsetzen lässt, zeigt dieses Buch des führenden deutschen Faszienforschers und Rolfing-Therapeuten Robert Schleip. Mit Übungsfotos, Einblick in die Wissenschaft von den Faszien, Tipps und Adressen.

ISBN: 9783868834833


Publisher's description:

If you want to stay mobile, vital and pain-free in everyday life and sports, you should do something for your connective tissue! 

In recent years, physiotherapy, sports science and medicine have become increasingly aware of this. Because the muscular connective tissue – the so-called fascia – plays a major role in well-being, mobility, performance and health: it transmits the power of the muscles, communicates with the nervous system, serves as a sensory organ, provides protection of and material exchange in the internal organs, and form the basis for a beautiful body shape. The connective tissue can also do what, up until now, we only gave muscle credit for: it can react to stress and stimuli, and when fascia becomes matted or sticks together, pain and movement problems can be the result. The fascia should therefore be specifically trained – 10 minutes twice a week is enough!

This book by leading German fascia researcher and Rolfing therapist Robert Schleip shows how the new findings can be translated into a practical exercise programme for everyday life. With practice photos, an insight into the science of fascia, tips and addresses.


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