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Das große Faszien-Yoga Buch

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Integrating the fascial network into your yoga practice by Daniela Meinl

Publisher: Irisiana, 288 pages, many coloured pictures, numerous expert interviews, hardcover, language: German.

The fascia is already stimulated by the classic yoga practice. However, the effect of the exercises can be significantly increased through small modifications and the way they are performed. This comprehensive guide shows how the principles of fascia training developed by Dr Robert Schleip can be effectively integrated into yoga practice.

ISBN: 978-3-4241-5316-3


Publisher's description

The exercises and concepts presented in this book do not make any claims of healing or treatment. The book aims to encourage you to expand your yoga practice and to provide new momentum to optimally stimulate your fascia network during your yoga practice. Whether the exercises are suitable for you depends on your previous experience and your general state of health. Do not start these exercises if you have an acute injury, illness, inflammation or infection or if you are pregnant. If in doubt, please consult your doctor before starting the exercises. Always let your inner feeling guide you – your body tells you whether an exercise is good for you or not. Pay attention to the quiet signals from deep down and do not overstrain yourself. Follow the path of well-being in search of your individual exercise intensity. Learning a movement method from a book always has its limitations, as two-dimensional illustrations can sometimes only inadequately reproduce the movement sequences. I therefore recommend that you contact a certified fascial yoga practitioner or book an online coaching session with me if you are not quite sure how to perform certain exercises. Once you have felt the sequence, your body will remember all by itself.


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