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CUPPING - die sanfte Art des Schröpfens

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Cupping - the gentle way of cupping by Kay Bartrow.

Relieve pain, tighten connective tissue.
Publisher: Trias, 192 pages, 80 illustrations, paperback, language: German.
ISBN: 9783432111308


Publisher's description

Cupping is an effective healing method that has been tried and tested for thousands of years. Modern cupping with silicone cups is simple and suitable for self-application. The coloured, elastic cups adhere to the skin and create a negative pressure. This improves blood circulation and relieves tension and pain. All exercises are described and illustrated in an comprehensible way and the use of the different sizes and colours is well explained.

The special feature: This practical book offers numerous exercises and wellness programmes. These are helpful for cellulite, support anti-ageing and boost the immune system. Cupping has never been so gentle and easy!

Kay Bartrow is a physiotherapist in Balingen, a lecturer in advanced medical training and a health consultant. He is the successful author of numerous guidebooks published by Trias as well as specialist books.


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