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"Lift your fascia" - Heike Oellerich and Miriam Wessels will show you how!

Cupping - The new method for loosening fascia (original title: Cupping - Die neue Methode zum Lösen der Faszien). Miriam Wessels and Heike Oellerich introduce you to the new method of cupping! The book contains illustrated exercises that can help with back problems, headaches, fatigue and much more.

Additional FASZIO® cupping set consisting of one BellaBambi® mini (⌀ 2 cm) and one original Cup (⌀ 3.5 cm), intensity: ACTIVE.


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What makes BellaBambi® so special

» The peeling edge supports the metabolism of the skin «


Movement scientist, non-medical practitioner, yoga teacher and author (among others of "Cupping - The solution for your fascia" GF from FASZIO®, the holistic fascia training)

» A new way of self-treatment «


Trainer, speaker and author (including "Cupping - The solution for your fascia"
GF of FASZIO®, the holistic fascia training

So versatile

Cupping is used for so many different purposes and in so many different industries. We give you a little insight:

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