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Natürliches Facelifting

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Look years younger in 10 minutes a day by Christina Schmid.

Publisher: GU, 112 pages, with approx. 100 colour photos; format: 16.5 x 20.0 cm, language: German.

ISBN: 978-3-8338-7737-7


Publisher's description

Unique combination of natural facelifting methods, with special programmes for all facial areas

With age, we lose about 30–40% muscle mass, which also shows strongly in the face. In the book Natürliches Facelifting, you will learn how to stop this downward trend: implement the highly effective, proven exercises and special programmes for all important problem areas in just 10 minutes daily. Targeted, active muscle training from facial yoga guarantees the desired lifting effect – it tightens wrinkles, gives shape, and strengthens the contours of your face. In addition, with facial cupping and gua sha (scraping), you can enjoy a combination that is as ingenious as sport and massage. Do you want to appear firmer, more radiant and visibly more youthful from tomorrow onwards? Start your individual beauty programme today.

Christina Schmid is a kinesiologist, beauty coach, facial yoga expert and women's life coach. From the alternative healing methods, she has extracted those that are particularly well suited for self-help. She has been working with facial yoga, gua sha and facial cupping for over 10 years, has written successful books and journal articles on the subject, and offers courses and seminars at home and abroad, but also on the Internet.


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