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About Us

All BellaBambi® Cups see the light of day in the Bavarian-Swabian town of Gundelfingen. Here we tell you more about what we do and our values.

Added Value

What is the journey of the cups from raw material to your hands? Who edits and accompanies them?

Own development and production

All cups are 100% Made in Germany, made in the family business. BellaBambi® is manufactured in the Bavarian-Swabian town of Gundelfingen using an injection molding process.

The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. For more than 30 years it has been serving the most demanding customers from automotive to medical applications.

The Bamberger company is characterized above all by its pronounced co-creation competence. Design and process engineering are characterized by interdisciplinary dialogue and understanding.

More about Bamberger Präzisionsteile

Packaging at Regens Wagner

After production and quality control, the cups are packed in a workshop for people with disabilities after another visual inspection.

More about Regens Wagner

Own warehouse and shipping

We are always there for you and super flexible. With us, no special request goes unheeded.

We also take a very close look at it one last time before the goods leave our premises in order to meet our high quality standards.


How do we understand our role in society? How do we deal with our impact on the entire world around us?

Social responsibility

BellaBambi® is not just an employer. We also question the consequences of the work, that has to be done. Who is in which life situation? How does this person want to develop? What is important to this or that person in relation to their work and their environment?

We therefore offer flexible models in terms of working hours and location. We have a great soft spot for autonomy and self-determination. Therefore, a trusting relationship and a high degree of reflection is particularly important to everyone involved in the history of BellaBambi®.

Would you like to be a part of it? Just write to us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Local Engagement

We want to empower people to realize themselves. In addition to a secure livelihood, this also requires meaningful employment. We also make this contribution to self-determination and social participation outside of our company and support not only Regens Wagner's workshop but also TV Gundelfingen: financially, ideally and materially.

Furthermore, we regularly donate to charitable institutions in the region and are a member of the "Wirtschaftsvereinigung Gundelfingen", which advocates a lively city and an appreciative and value-adding cooperation.

Ecological Responsibility

As a family business, we attach particular importance to sustainable action and the preservation of our planet. That's why we do business in an environmentally friendly manner, ship exclusively in a climate-neutral manner, work together with local suppliers to avoid long transport routes and to support local businesses. And we also like to cycle to work. 😉

In order to avoid waste, BellaBambi® is designed as a high-quality and durable product without predetermined breaking points or wear and tear strategy. We are happy to vouch for this with our 2-year guarantee.

More about warranty and exchange


How did it all this start? And why are the cups called what they are called?

It all started with a bottle of ketchup

In 2006, Georg Bamberger, owner of Bamberger Präzisionsteile aus Elastomeren and Bamberger-Wellness GmbH, had a groundbreaking conversation with an alternative practitioners who challenged his problem-solving skills: applying many, and moreover, fragile cupping glasses she found disruptive in her everyday work and inelegant. Without further ado, suction mats made of silicone were developed, which eventually came onto the market as a medical product under the "Bamico" brand.

The initiator of this ingenious invention demonstrated what happens functionally during cupping with an empty bottle of ketchup. This image stuck in our minds. 😄

TV-Show "Einfach Genial" (German TV: mdr)

A proven technique becomes a contemporary method

Philipp and Simon Bamberger then combined the latest findings in fascia research with centuries-old knowledge about cupping. In order to distinguish it from the mostly therapeutic use of the German term "Schröpfen", they called their method "cupping". (Which of course makes no difference or sense in English...)

The Bamberger's Cupping approach takes a fascial perspective on applications with negative pressure. It focuses on the aspects of well-being, relaxation, but also vitalization and activation.

A constantly growing team of scientists, practitioners, lecturers and trainers is involved in the development of the "Cupping" method, who have now also founded their own association.

To Cupping.Rocks e.V.

But why this name??

"It's time to relax" - the bell reminds us to let go, to take a break from the hectic everyday life and to take time for ourselves. The bell shape of the BellaBambi® is a silent indication of a break in activity and careful handling of our body.

BellaBambi® invites you to consciously perceive your own body and thus creates the opportunity for vitality and beauty from inside and outside - a "bell" for "bella" (Italian "beautiful"), so to speak.

Well, what does all this have to do with a deer ("Bambi")? Don't worry: nothing! Our last name is “Bamberger” and small children with this name simply cannot avoid this nickname. So there is nothing more natural than naming our own product, our baby, “Bambi”.


Where do we want to go with BellaBambi®? What does a world look like when we have achieved what we desire?

Accessible Wellness for everyone

For us, in a perfect world, everyone has the opportunity to relax effectively and feel at home in their bodies, anytime, anywhere.

Consciousness and Awareness

We don't see our cups primarily as a tool to balance body and mind, but as a companion in everyday life that creates islands of calm and enables me and you time.

Experience the world with meaning and senses.

We promote awareness of the body, mind and environment while making quality products that improve everyday happiness in a sustainable way. We attach great importance to a helping and serving attitude.

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