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Exchange and Warranty


In case you are not satisfied with your choice of intensity, we offer you the possibility to exchange BellaBambi® cups within 30 days free of charge.

Just send us a short mail to and we will send you a return bill for the free return (only for customers with delivery country Germany). As soon as we receive the exchanged product, we will send you your desired product free of charge (only for customers with delivery country Germany). You will not incur any additional shipping costs and you can be sure that you will receive the right cup for you.

For sealed products that are not suitable for return for reasons of health protection or hygiene, the return is excluded, provided that the seal has been removed after delivery.



Our BellaBambi® products1 are subject to strict quality control.

Should such a product purchased from us nevertheless not function properly, we regret this very much and ask you to contact our customer service listed below.

We grant you a warranty on all BellaBambi® products1 purchased from us in accordance with the following provisions.

Your legal rights according to §443 I BGB are not restricted by this.

  1. The warranty period is 24 months from the date of purchase.
  2. The warranty is valid for Germany.
  3. The warranty includes the assumption of all repair and shipping costs for defects that occur during the warranty period and that are not due to wear and tear, normal consumption or improper handling. Replaced devices or parts of devices become our property. Warranty services do not cause an extension of the warranty period, nor do they initiate a new warranty.
  4. Warranty claims must be made immediately after becoming aware of the defect within the warranty period, otherwise any claim under the warranty will be void.
  5. The following steps are required to make a warranty claim:
    1. Please contact customer service by email or phone so that we can email you a postage paid shipping label as a PDF file.
    2. Using this shipping label and enclosing the warranty card below and your original proof of purchase, send the defective product postage paid to the service address listed.
    3. If the defect is within the scope of our warranty service, you will receive a repaired or new product back.
  6. Warranty claims are excluded in case of damage caused by:
    1. misuse or improper handling
    2. environmental influences (humidity, heat, dust, overvoltage, etc.)
    3. non-observance of the safety precautions applicable to the product
    4. non-observance of the operating instructions
    5. Use of force (e.g. impact, shock, falling, sharp objects)
    6. Interventions not undertaken by the service address authorized by us
    7. Unauthorized repair attempts
    8. sending in packaging that is not safe for transport
    9. improper opening of the device
  7. Defects or damage to the product not (or no longer) covered by the warranty will be repaired by us against reimbursement of costs. For an individual offer please contact our customer service. In this case, the shipping costs are at your expense.
Notes for consumers in the sense of § 477 BGB:
Regardless of the aforementioned manufacturer's warranty and whether this is claimed in a warranty case, the statutory warranty claims (in addition) continue to exist. Consumers can therefore, in addition to or even without asserting these warranty claims, the statutory material defect liability claims for defects in the purchased item against the respective seller.

1BellaBambi® mini, BellaBambi® original, BellaBambi® maxi and BellaBambi® multi (vacuum pump, hoses and applications)




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