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Nacken & Schultern - schmerzfrei in 30 Tagen

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More than 90 exercises to combat tension, blockages and other ailments - take active measures with Gabriele Kiesling's 30-day programme

Publisher: riva, softcover, 208 pages, language: German.

Format: 19x24cm

ISBN: 978-3-7423-2295-1

Publisher's description

A stiff neck, cramped muscles, restricted movement - over 45 % of Germans suffer from neck pain, one of the most common orthopaedic complaints, at least once a year. Straining the upper spine and myofascial structures - often caused by desk work, excessive mobile phone use or incorrect strength training - not only leads to discomfort in the neck, but also in the shoulders and arms. The initially acute pain often develops into chronic conditions such as migraines, CMD, frozen shoulder or carpal tunnel syndrome. To prevent this negative development, physiotherapist Gabriele Kiesling has created a programme for neck pain based on her proven 30-day concept. With exercises suitable for everyday use, those affected can release tension and blockages step by step, restore their mobility and live pain-free!


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