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Faszio® Ball

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Inflatable air-filled fascia tool. Made of flexible recoil material for extensive use.

Diameter: approx. 10 cm


Individualised training with FASZIO® balls

The air-filled FASZIO® balls - made in Germany - are made from a specially developed material mixture that is firm in itself but flexible as a whole. This means that the balls fit the shape of the fascia particularly well and exert appropriate pressure on the fascia structure. Rolling over the ball has an intensive and very deep effect on the fascia and pushes metabolic waste products out of the tissue via the punctual compression so that it can then regenerate with fresh nutrients as it expands. Depending on the desired effect, it can relieve vascular blockages, eliminate tension, stimulate the metabolism and stretch the fibres.

Thanks to their user-friendly and vasoactive properties, the balls can be used in a variety of ways.

• Adjustment of the degree of hardness by filling with air (FASZIO® Ball allround)

High resilience (FASZIO® Ball allround + local)

Flexible recoil material (FASZIO® Ball allround + local)

Smooth, supple surface (FASZIO® Ball allround + local)

Good bounce (FASZIO® Ball allround)

Waterproof (FASZIO® Ball allround + local)

The ideal companion to the 7 FASZIO® strategies (FASZIO® Ball allround + local)

The FASZIO® Ball allround - a versatile all-rounder!

Proprioceptive strength and stability benefit from the firm yet flexible texture, supple balancing improves the fascial flow balance, the elasticity of the ball transforms into catapult-like speed and the supple surface releases individual blockages. Regenerating massages with the flexible ball are just as enjoyable as stretching tense areas. The ball also invites you to play - the origin of natural mobility.

⇒ Special properties

 It is flexible, elastic and feels pleasant in the hand

 The degree of hardness is regulated by the air supply, which enables individual and controlled adjustment to the needs and body region of each person.

Diameter: approx. 10 cm

Material: Ruton

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