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Das HandHeilbuch

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Simple exercises to alleviate pain, strengthen the hands and maintain mobility by Lucia Nirmala Schmidt.

Publisher: Droemer Knaur, 96 pages, size: 16.0 x 20.0 cm, language: German.

ISBN: 978-3-426-65855-8


Publisher's description

Finally help for sore hands - the first practical book on hand health with many healing exercises to relieve pain, strengthen the hands and maintain mobility.

In this health guide, the renowned yoga teacher and fascia expert provides specific help for hand pain. She combines exercises from yoga, therapy and fascia training that really help with the often diffuse pain in the hands and wrists.

Lucia Nirmala Schmidt explains the anatomical relationships between the bones, joints, muscles and fascia in a concise and understandable way and addresses the various clinical pictures (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome, mouse elbow, tendonitis) as well as the various causes that trigger the complaints.

Tried-and-tested and helpful exercises from yoga and therapy are presented to realign and reorganise the body structure. This prevents incorrect loading and overloading and permanently relieves and strengthens the painful regions.

Many of these holistic hand exercises can be easily integrated into everyday life. They provide lasting and effective relaxation, pain relief and strengthen the hands.

Precise instructions and clear exercise photos make practising at home easy and effective - from practice for practice.


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