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BellaBambi® multi application original

⌀ 3.5 cm • The all-rounder – suitable for applications from head to toe.

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Silicone cup with connector for use in combination with the BellaBambi® multi.

For use on particularly sensitive areas and uneven, bony parts of the body.

Intensities and Sizes


small ⌀ 2 cm

For filigree, small-area applications. Ideal for small joints, narrow body parts, face & décolleté as well as hands and feet.

originally ⌀ 3.5 cm

The all-rounder - suitable for use from head to toe. Also holds on larger joints.

maximum ⌀ 5 cm

The best choice for large-area applications, eg on the back, abdomen, buttocks or thighs.




SENSITIVE - white & lemon yellow

Ideal for applications on sensitive parts of the body, such as the face. For sensitive people or for gentle applications from head to toe. Ideal for beauty care or for relaxing massages.

REGULAR - blackberry & orange

For somewhat stronger applications, eg for cellulite, wrinkles, stretch marks or slight muscular tension. The pleasantly mild intensity opens up a wide range of uses, from beauty care and wellness massage to fascial fitness!

ACTIVE - pink & signal blue

For all active and sporty people or for stronger use. A bit stronger than REGULAR and yet not quite INTENSE!

INTENSE - midnight blue & ruby red

For an intense cupping experience. Recommended for athletes, insensitive people or strong negative pressure massages.


More information on sizes and intensities

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What makes BellaBambi® so special

»When travelling and on the court - indispensable for me«


Sports Physiotherapist (DOSB) and Manual Therapist Physiotherapist to several professional tennis players on ATP Tour and to the Davis Cup Team of Serbia.

»Has been an indispensable tool for my personal body program for years«


Yin Yoga teacher trainer and author; Latest book: "Be healthy with Yin Yoga"

So versatile

Cupping is used for so many different purposes and in so many different industries. We give you a little insight:

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