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Ready-to-use, alcohol-based disinfectant in a 750 ml spray bottle.

100g solution contains: 45 g ethanol

DESCOSEPT SENSITIVE is a ready-to-use, alcoholic quick disinfectant based on ethanol for gentle disinfection and cleaning of medical devices and medical inventory as well as surfaces of all kinds. The product is particularly ideal for areas close to the patient in which a comprehensive spectrum of action is required effective disinfection within a very short time, the product has a very good material compatibility and leaves no streaks and residues.

• Ready for immediate use

• Short exposure times

• IHO / VAH / ÖGHMP listed

• Ideal for safe disinfection in routine

• Comprehensive, quick effectiveness

Spectrum of activity *

• bactericidal, levurocidal (2 min)

• tuberclulocide (30 s)

• mycobactericidal (1 min)

• limited virucidal (30 s)

• limited virucidal plus (3 min)

We recommend DESCOSEPT SENSITIVE for use with all BellaBambi products. If several people use the same BellaBambi, disinfection between each change of user is mandatory.

* If you have any questions about concentrations and exposure times, please contact us. We're here to help.

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