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BellaBambi® Harmonie

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Two silicone suction cups, intensity: REGULAR, Original cup: Ø: 34 mm, height: 75 mm, Mini cup: Ø: 20 mm, height: 45 mm

BellaBambi® mini and original offer a variety of application possibilities - cupping from head to toe!

plus: organic cupping oil with lavender scent (10ml glass bottle), for better adhesion and lubrication of the cups as well as special skin care moments.

The bundle is supplied in a reusable organza bag (incl. instructions for use).


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What makes BellaBambi® so special

» The peeling edge supports the metabolism of the skin «


Movement scientist, non-medical practitioner, yoga teacher and author (among others of "Cupping - The solution for your fascia" GF from FASZIO®, the holistic fascia training)

» A new way of self-treatment «


Trainer, speaker and author (including "Cupping - The solution for your fascia"
GF of FASZIO®, the holistic fascia training

So versatile

Cupping is used for so many different purposes and in so many different industries. We give you a little insight:

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From an order value of 80€ we add a free cupping oil (10 ml)!