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ARTZT vitality Rubber Bands Set

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ARTZT vitality Rubber Band in 5 different intensities.

Dimensions with the rubber band lying flat: 25 x 5 cm, loop diameter: approx. 20 cm, material: latex

Scope of delivery: 1 rubber band per colour


Training in between for hands and feet

Small, light, space-saving: With the ARTZT vitality Rubber Bands, your own little fitness studio is always with you. Whether at home, in the studio or on vacation: the ARTZT vitality Rubber Bands is an ideal tool for core stabilisation, muscle strengthening or simple warm-up - anytime, anywhere.

The ARTZT vitality Rubber Bands is available in five intensities: light, medium, strong, extra strong and special strong. From rehabilitation to strength training, you are perfectly equipped for all training situations!

 Dimensions with the rubber band lying flat: 25 x 5 cm

 Loop diameter: approx. 20 cm

Material: latex

Available intensities and recommended areas of application

low/yellow - up to 2.3 kg: therapy and care as well as in rehabilitation after injuries

medium/red - up to 4.5 kg: therapy and rehabilitation, in playful child training, in prevention training

strong/green - up to 5.4 kg: all-rounder for leisure and sports as well as for advanced rehabilitation and prevention training

extra strong/blue - up to 7.3 kg: challenging band for leisure and sport

special strong/black - up to 8.2 kg: the strongest band for weight training and intensive fitness training

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