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Profi-Wochen 2024

Exklusive Sonderangebote für alle, die in ihrem professionellen Umfeld mit BellaBambi® Cups arbeiten.

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What makes BellaBambi® so special

peeling edge

For more effectiveness

The unique peeling edge promises optimal adhesion and an excellent shearing effect with stable gliding properties thanks to the wide and flat ring. In addition, the skin is gently peeled and smoothed.

trigger pointer

Put some pressure on

Fascia can also benefit from pressure, as evidenced by the successful use of foam rollers or guns. With the cups you can press very precisely on the fabric - and protect your thumb at the same time.

Moldable silicone

Flexible and resistant

BellaBambi® is available in different intensities, which correspond to different strong materials. The softer the cup, the more cuddly it is. This way you can also reach narrow parts of the body and bony areas.

Ergonomic shape

Easy to use

The geometry and surface of the silicone suction cups makes them very easy to use. The cups have a good grip and can be easily guided over the skin when pressed together.

So versatile

Cupping is used for so many different purposes and in so many different industries. We give you a little insight:

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From an order value of 80€ we add a free cupping oil (10 ml)!